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Products and Services

Distribution of Fuels

Pioneers in the Gasoline Industry

We offer a complete array of products and services to satisfy each one of your fuel company's needs. Allow us to assist you with all the different options to improve your control, services, and costs.

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  •   Magna and Premium Gasoline
  •   Automotive Diesel
  •   Low DIBA Sulphur Industrial Diesel
  •   Marine Diesel
  •   Heavy Fuel Oil
  •   Intermediate 15
  •   IFO/180
  •   IFO/380


  •   Fuel Metering Equipment
  •   Filtration Equipment
  •   Double Wall Carbon Steel Tank Trucks

Tires and Services

  •   Truck Tires
  •   Tires for Agricultural and Industrial use
  •   Pickup and Automobile Tires


  •   Lubricant Oils

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Key-in-hand Self-supply

We provide self-supply equipment on gratuitous bailment which includes technology to suit the client's needs.

Quite often we find companies that use a relevant amount of fuels wherein the metering and control systems are frequently managed with outdated and unsteady methods. Our control systems installed in your self-supply equipment assure significant savings in the total purchase of fuels.


Credit and Financing

We recognize the needs of our clients in order to maintain a steady operation, with this in mind, we also offer financing programs suitable to each client´s needs, which are backed by our affiliate finance company MexCapital, Sociedad Financiera de Objeto Múltiple.

Fuel Haulage

Thanks to our transportation truck tanks fleet, we are able to provide efficient fuel haulage services to our clients, 24/7, all year long.

Tank Filtration and Decontamination

We offer our clients the service of removal of the contaminated product off the facilities, as well as the clean up and degasification of the storage deposits.

Protection Barriers for Spills

We support the prevention and lessening of significant impact to the environment by placing protection barriers to deter marine spills.

Sale and Installation of Equipment

We provide specialized equipment for fuel decanting.

Installation of metal containers that hold fuel with a forced extraction system and calibrated equipment for delivery and metering, to ensure client's satisfaction and trust.

Fleet Control Software

We install programs in our fuel dispensation systems to control consumption and output in our customers' fleet.


Fuels Financing

At Petroil, we understand your company's needs and with that in mind, we feature financing plans that can be customized to your requirements, to assist you in maintaining a steady operation with the financing back-up of a sound and experienced company. If you are interested in obtaining a commercial line of credit for the management of your fuels, please call us and a credit specialist will contact you to initiate the process.

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