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Petroil Venta de combustibles

Our objective is to establish commercial liaisons with our clients that will allow us to provide complete solutions for all fuel needs, thus contributing to the development of your company.

Petroil works hand-in-hand with your company to understand its specific needs, and to design self-supply systems in your own facilities to help you maintain complete control of the fuel usage, as well as to offer financing plans.

  • Trustworthiness
  • Management
  • Yield

Value of Petroil


We supply pumping equipment to satisfy demand in all the Northwest of the country in a standardized manner, with the same contracts, terms and management systems. Our technicians' telephone lines are always open to respond to any of our clients' requests for service, 24/7 all year long.


We offer solid financial backing, through our own resources, as well as significant lines of credit that provide us with the capacity to finance large operations.

Honesty and Experience

More than 50 years in fuel management, offering a guarantee of our performance.

Coverage and Service

Able to attend to your needs in the entire Northwest and the "bajío" región of México in a standardized manner via our system of controls, contracts, and conditions. Our technicians’ telephone lines are always available for any service inquiry from our clients, 24/7, year round.


We may adapt to any circumstance as specific as it may be, by acting as a commercial associate of our clients. Likewise, we have strong discount plans based on volumes, which, if added to larger yield, can add significant savings.


Through our counseling system for the management of fuels, we are able to guarantee important savings to our clients, which will be reflected in their operation shortly after starting services.


Distribuidor Plus Pemex
Distributor Plus

We have attained the Distributor Plus certification which is granted by Pemex Refinery to distributors that comply with the highest safety, quality, and infrastructure standards in the handling of fuels.

Petroil - Socially Responsible Company
Socially Responsible Company

We are backed by the Philanthropic Mexican Center (CEMEFI), and the Association for Corporate Social Responsibility (AliaRSE) and distinguished with the title of Socially Responsible Company ®, which binds us to perform our operations under economic, social, and environmental sustainability, whilst acknowledging the interests of other groups with which we have built relationships; always striving to preserve the environment and the sustainability of future generations.

Global Pact
Global Pact

Adherence to the United Nations Global Compact, the largest sustainable initiative in the world, which invites companies such as ours to align their strategies and operations with the universal principles of anti-corruption action and environmental, labor, and human rights, as well as to assume the commitment to take the necessary actions to improve quality of life in the community.

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